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She may be more than Kyle bargained for, don’t you think? Megan truly loves Kyle and she’s really hoping that this whole thing works out, but she’s a strong woman, she really is.I think that’s one of the things Kyle loves about her.

What’s it like to play the biggest star in the world? Obviously, I’m an actor portraying an actor so that’s always an interesting twist.These are just a few of the hinted-at-but-not-revealed aspects of celebrity life that examines as it tells the tale of one of Hollywood’s most famous fictional movie stars Kyle West (Josh Henderson).“We’re giving people a glimpse into the crazy, weird world of movie stardom and celebrity and then, obviously, you throw in the Institute of the Higher Mind.It’s a creepy, intense organization that is really about self-help and about bettering yourself, but also a lot of dark and weird things are happening around it and it’s only going to get darker,” Henderson tells in this exclusive interview.Nothing has ever been done exactly like our show, so it’s absolutely unique. There’s something so intriguing and interesting about this person and they’re beautiful.” So, I’ve had those moments, but I think it’s totally possible.There’s a fascination, I think, with the life of celebrity, with the lives of movie stars you’ve seen on the cover of magazines for however long tabloids have been around. If you’re meant to be with somebody, I think it’s easily possible to have some sort of a moment where you’re like, “Wow! I don’t know what they did to me, but I’ve got to figure it out and I can’t let this person get away until I do.” That’s exactly what happens to Kyle and Megan. Do you feel that Kyle is being controlled by Terence or do you believe that he still has free will?

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But also, he has absolutely no privacy and he has to live in his own little, I wouldn’t call it a jail cell, but he has to stay in his house. Speaking of those organizations, do you feel that actors are more vulnerable to them because it is such a struggle? You have to love what you do if you’re going to be an actor. I wouldn’t know what a normal percentage is but I would be willing to say that 97 percent of the time, you’re not going to get the job and it’s tough.

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