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“I’ve never been with a guy before Sutton, so they’re looking at me like, ‘How could you be pregnant? I met the man that I want to be with forever and something happened.

It didn’t happen the way I thought it would happen and that’s just what it is.” The good news is, as I know many people wondered what her father, Rev Run, would have to say about her pregnancy, her parents were “super excited” at the idea of becoming grandparents again.

But when she initially shared the news on camera, she seemed more stressed than anything else.

And as for Vanessa, the news left her almost speechless.

I’m not having sex until I get married so they’re not gonna get me pregnant. So nobody’s trapping me.” Because of that, people were saying all kinds of hurtful things online. I’m not a virgin anymore, obviously, if I’m pregnant. As she put it, “Not that I’m not really excited for her, because this is a really big moment and a really big time, but things moved kind of fast.” What made Angela’s announcement all the more interesting was how she says that she ended up carrying a child.With social media followers allegedly calling her a hypocrite since she had publicly proclaimed for years that she was a virgin, the young socialite and entrepreneur decided to put it all out there.As it turns out, the rapper only found out after Simmons made the announcement on Instagram back in April. " Romeo asks in the clip, "I didn't even know she was in a serious relationship to be honest. Cold world, man."The We TV star then calls upon a friend for advice, explaining, "What would you do in this situation?Your good friend is engaged supposedly; you don't know to who... It's a big deal."Romeo wasn't the only one surprised by Simmons' major relationship change.

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