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Sometimes the roads don't." Greig says a major problem on roads such as the A9 is that drivers become frustrated after getting stuck behind slow-moving vehicles. On long-distance trunk roads, we need to see more overtaking opportunities." Greig says upgrading whole routes, rather than specific black spots at junctions, for example, requires long-term investment.Reports of accidents on the five routes highlighted in our map crop up with alarming regularity."The road is basically not fit for the volume of traffic," he said. All we want is a road on which two large vehicles can pass comfortably without going off the road or bumping into each other's mirrors." He added: "We shouldn't have to have an ongoing campaign to have what is so obviously a requirement for the economic and social life of the west Highlands.It needs a huge investment in time and money to bring it up to a standard which is suitable for the traffic which uses it." A recent survey which assessed the quality of road safety markings on a small number of routes across the UK highlighted "barely visible" markings on the A92 and A85.The Road Safety Markings Association will carry out a more detailed investigation into the state of roads across Scotland this summer.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says human error is the biggest cause of road accidents, but that there is a "strong case" for improving road design.

There’s a whole lot of information below, ranging from travel advice to specific recommendations for each of Scotland’s five main resorts.

To find your way around a little more easily, click the Table of Contents below to expand it, and then click on any subheading to jump right in.

NEWSFLASH: You won’t need your passport to ski in Scotland this winter (if you’re British)!

Scotland’s five ski centres offer a very different experience to mainstream Europe, but one which – given the right conditions – can be thoroughly enjoyable.

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