Girl meets girl a dating survival guide

Page 12 and 13: An in-depth profile of Plainfield High School Principal Mel Seifert and several other teachers who met their spouses in high school.

Page 14: Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and an essay on healthy dating habits.

But, having good sex isn’t about who you’re having sex with. If you’re a female-bodied person, you have the same basic needs, regardless of the kind of body your partner has.” While our physical commonalities may seem obvious to some, Cage reminds us that sex, gender, sexuality, and identity are so intertwined that we can actually forget the importance of getting back to one of the most crucial aspects of good sex—our minds. Try glancing suggestively at your lover from across the table. If you are in a relationship where the sex has dropped off, bring kissing back.

Page 3: An article about online dating and responses to pop-song lyrics about love.

Page 4: A quiz to test if you're too clingy, a guide for life after a breakup and a poll about "players" vs "cheaters." Page 5: Cheesy pickup lines — "Are you a bank loan, because you've got my interest" — and a Q&A with students who have been cheated on.

During the three years that aired on Sirius XM, Cage, already well into her career as an expert on lesbian sexuality, came to a new realization.

“Previously,” she says, “I had always traveled in an urban lesbian world—my dating pool was always urban and lesbian.

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  1. i loved that scene where it flashes back and shows otani telling kanzaki something along the lines of that if he started seeing her again, it would make another "helpless idiot" cry...finally, he's starting to take risa's feelings into consideration and is beginning to not look like a huge dumbass so we're making progress! Justice Soul Tuna said: Oh come on, I can't be the only one who finds the way Risa acts a little bit annoying.