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There are plenty of options to find the one that fits your party’s theme and the bride’s personality.

As you plan to honor the bride, don’t forget to find a bridal shower invitation that will get the guests excited.

Have guests number what they think is the chronological order of the photos. Come up with a list of famous couples, either fictitious or real, and see if guests can find the person who has their celebrity match.

Write "Sandy" on one index card and "Danny" on another.

Create bingo cards using numbers in the squares or make it themed and use the bride’s favorite cities she’s visited. Have guests guess if the bride will guess right or wrong.

Then have the bride guess his answers at the party. Each person folds the paper down after she writes a phrase, so only her line shows.

When planning a bridal shower, games are the perfect way to break the ice and encourage mingling.

As guests arrive, tape a card to each person’s forehead.

Send the groom questions like "Who said ’I love you’ first? " Guests guess if the bride answers correctly or not. The paper continues to be folded and passed along until everyone has contributed a line.

Then have the bride guess the correct answer for each. The host starts the first line of the poem and passes it to the next guest.

Each person whispers what she heard into the next guest’s ear. The final guest gets to give the funny toast to the bride. Have the bride read each Mad Lib and guess who wrote each one.

Provide each guest with the same Mad Libs to complete and see if the bride can guess who wrote which one. Make a bingo card for each guest and use candy for the bingo pieces. Create 10 open-ended questions for the groom to answer about himself.

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Give players paper and see if they can put each photo in order by age (youngest to oldest).

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